India… Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

India… Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! :

Dear India, didn’t wait me for him really… Millennial culture, Atomic ” power “, Emergent ” market ” of the
” New Economy “, of the ” New Rich “, (and… of the so many, too many poor men) country of the best technicians and planners of the computer world… and… I say, a people, of the most polite and respectful as his workers, emigrants among the most serious and polite ever entered Italy and not only.

India… Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! … I didn’t wait me for him really, the story of the Italian maròs, held guilty… and I say… also justly, to have killed some Indian citizens, even if, in their full right, in their mission to protect a ship of our Country. ( I believe to a tragic error of evaluation )

The fact is still wound by the mystery and it is not certain to me, to draw hasty conclusions or to give judgments, still less, to make the Executioner.  The thing that has left me very amazed, is not the ” Conceitedness ” or ” The arrogance “, with which our government ( “? ” ) he has made pressures, who knows in that ways and… in that ” Rooms ” of the ” Power “… but… the conclusion and the applications… I would say… ” Scanty ” of the Indian Government. ( If they are true and you confirm )

I think that… these ” Saints ” of Indian men, are broken so the boxes of this whole pressure mediated us, and even… they have also played us above, having that period of inside and international notoriety, making the big voice, in the conviction, over whether to legally ” be Right “, of… ” To impose ” his own ” territorial Dominion “, in short… ” Down there’ they ” command ” Them “… that she am clear.

Then… ” Suddenly ” the querelle… it is Decontrolled “… and… ” WHY?’ ” … because… ” THE ITALIAN ” OR ” THE INDIANS “… they offer or they ask… a fist of money. ( Euphemism naturally )

The everything… Hidden under a ” Official ” ” Payment On Security “, that… as all the things of the Politic&Power, resolve him with the money of the ” Others “. ( Of Whom… he is not known )

Said this… ” I hope ” that at least… ” THEM! ” these (so many) ” MONEY ” use for helping people that they have ” of it Really ” need, not certain to build or to create ” Monstrous ” Bombs that to them… they frankly serve to little.

Ps: (I am naturally happy, not proud, that these boys return from their families, of they are only however humble servants of the state. )


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